Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Here is some great information on Tea Tree Oil for Scabies.

There is a lot of debate about what actually works when treating scabies a lot of common ingredients are discussed when trying to care and get rid of scabies.

One of the main ingredients that is talk about is tea tree oil that has been used for many years it has been treated for candida and other sorts of infections.

A lot of people say that it is very powerful and unlight carbolic acid it is safe for human use, and that is why a lot of people recommend it for home use.

But how effective is tea tree oil for killing scabies?

So you might ask yourself does tea tree oil really kill scabie mites? Well the answer to that is Yes! But that depends on where the mites are located.

If the mites are on the surface of the skin it is easy for the tea oil to kill them but many of these mites are deep inside the skin which make it very hard for them to die using Tea tree oil.

Will the Oil cure you of scabies?

The tree tea Oil will kill the unprotected scabie mites that are on the surface of the skin but is not very effective in treating the deeply the rooted mites deep inside the skin.

But one thing you need to remember about using tea tree oil for scabies is that it is great to use in the prevention and sterilizing of areas that could be contaminated with mites.

So make sure to use the oil in cleaning the surface of areas that you might think could be infested with mites to prevent any infection to you or to any of your family members.