Top 5 Tips for Scabies

When searching online there’s alot of information you need to know about how to treat scabies mites.

Well here are Top 5 Tips you need to know about treating or preventing scabies.

Tip #1: Make sure that you actually have scabies.

Research images on Google of scabies and make sure that they match up with yours. There’s many other potential unwelcome health problems you are having such as ring worm, eczema, bird mites, impedigo, morgellons. So make sure you do your research.

Tip #2: Keep a Clean environment.

The more things you have in your bedroom or home area the more to disinfect if you want to keep your environment Scabies free.

While going through having scabies try to keep all your stuff that aren’t  necessary stored away in your garage.

This will mean you have to do less washing, less spraying & disinfecting and less stress.

Tip #3: Permethrin is the best treatment for scabies.

Doctors usually prescribe 5% permethrin cream. The standard treatment for a mild case of scabies in the USA is 5% permethrin cream cures most mild scabies cases.

Tip #4: Use Disinfectant Sprays

Make sure you are using disinfectant spray to keep to keep all your area surfaces clean.

Scabies can spread very easily and they can spread super fast. So to minimize the potential for spreading the mites make sure you are keeping up with your cleaning using disinfectant spray and use it on all surfaces that you’re touching.

Tip #5: Never leave Scabies untreated

Don’t ever leave scabies untreaded its a big No, no, no. Because you have the potential to pass this condition on to OTHER people especially the people you love . Which is a horrible thing to have to feel like you’ve done. So if you believe you have scabies do your research and take action.

We hope this post can help give you some valuable info on how to prevent and treat those nasty scabies.